Step Back to see Further

No kidding now; put your pencil down and just walk away. Get the big picture view for a while. Give your artwork some space to "breathe".  Dig out your journals, old sketchbooks, or portfolio and revisit the past to see if time and experience brings you a fresh perspective...or so you can see how far… Continue reading Step Back to see Further

Find a way to work with Spiders

"Last night I dreamt of spiders, three GIANT spiders, trying to scurry into my house at the back is considered very bad luck (and a grave misfortune upon me to kill them...) so every time I tried to get them OUT, they kept finding a way BACK IN! Through an open window, a crack… Continue reading Find a way to work with Spiders

Feet kick your a*se when you stop really Looking at them

Drawing hands and feet are often a challenge for even the most committed artists and even I sometimes forget to really LOOK at them during practice. What does a foot even look like? To be sure, well, before you can draw it, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO LOOK AT IT. Still confused about what you're doing… Continue reading Feet kick your a*se when you stop really Looking at them

Just keep Practising

Sometimes it's not a matter of being "having talent" and right now is definitely NOT the time to give up. Thomas Edison (who designed the commercially viable incandescent electric lightbulb in the late 19th century) was reputed to assert that the attempts before he got the design right were NOT failures but rather, 10,000 successful… Continue reading Just keep Practising

Love what’s Already in You

Yeah, you're a weirdo, an "Other" or a downright strange bird. Even so, you're finally accepting that which makes you different, or some of those more endearing quirks but how about this: today, don't stop at mere acceptance and instead, fully embrace everything about you that is oddball, unique, mysterious...and do your you-est YOU with… Continue reading Love what’s Already in You

Draw from Life

Thanks for reading. Now pick up a pen, put away your stupid smartphone, and look at what's all around you. Buildings, trees, dogs, other people...get engaged IN YOUR LIFE. Don't miss out on your own living experience; draw from it instead. Still confused about what you're doing here? Read this... youR TuRn to DraW! As… Continue reading Draw from Life

Listen to your Calling

Look here, it doesn't matter if you are the only one in the room inspired by a bowl of apples, rusty sailboats, anything chartreuse, or rice krispy treats. If you're looking for someone else's permission to exercise your creativity by painting sunsets in space or knitting mittens for your Chihuahua....YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. It's Your Thing… Continue reading Listen to your Calling