Plant the seeds and then Plant some More

Even with the tiniest most uncertain of ideas can grow into something wonderful given the right amount of time, nourishment, and encouragement. So don't wait, ping your shiny new idea off of a trusted friend, scratch it out on a napkin, doesn't matter much at this point where you start, JUST GIVE IT A CHANCE.… Continue reading Plant the seeds and then Plant some More

do you Dare to Dream in Colour?

In the most simplistic terms, colour appears to the human eye (1) where there is light and (2) what part and how much of the light waves are absorbed or reflected off of an object. Taking this into account, why is an apple red? In this example, sunlight (the full rainbow spectrum) hits the apple… Continue reading do you Dare to Dream in Colour?

Dare to be…Fab-YOU-lous

You gotta admit, having the audacity to get this far while being YOURSELF no matter what's goin' on, is something goll-damned amazing, because the YOU that you are is already pretty frickin' FANTASTIC. Artistically speaking, so what if sometimes your vision is a bit weird and others don't understand just go right on and… Continue reading Dare to be…Fab-YOU-lous

if you got the Noise: Bring the Riot

Hey, sometimes all that creative energy you're keeping to yourself is there to "make some noise". Srsly, don't be shy; if you've got something to SAY, then SAY IT BANG OUT LOUD! Still confused about what you're doing here? Read this... Your TURN to DRAW! Activist art and art in activism: think of a "cause"… Continue reading if you got the Noise: Bring the Riot

Make Spaces where You can GROW

In creative work or even in problem-solving situations, it's important to balance having even the tiniest bit of structure in order to have confidence in what you're doing, while also leaving enough openings in the work to let it "be" or let it "grow". It's often helpful to me in those cases to lay down… Continue reading Make Spaces where You can GROW

Learn an Other’s Language

This is a good time to emulate another maker's method/style/palette etc. in order to learn something new or discover a new direction for your creative endeavours or... this could be about literally learning some words or phrases in another language and apply that to your creative project. Still confused about what you're doing here? Read… Continue reading Learn an Other’s Language

Look at Art History – the Creative Act

Art and design doesn't come from a vacuum; everything YOU do today follows threads that come before. If you're looking for fresh inspiration and not finding it, try looking behind you. Still confused about what you're doing here? Read this... your turn to DRAW Even the smallest towns often have at least one art or… Continue reading Look at Art History – the Creative Act