Make Spaces where You can GROW

In creative work or even in problem-solving situations, it's important to balance having even the tiniest bit of structure in order to have confidence in what you're doing, while also leaving enough openings in the work to let it "be" or let it "grow". It's often helpful to me in those cases to lay down… Continue reading Make Spaces where You can GROW

p.s., your Doubts are Lying to You

If your mind (sometimes replayed over and over in a lover's dulcet tones, or a friend's or family member's mocking criticism) has ever said to you, "art is for dummies/ children/ real artists" or maybe something like "you can't do that" or even, "you're not doing it right" or perhaps, "it's not good enough", then… Continue reading p.s., your Doubts are Lying to You