Make Spaces where You can GROW

In creative work or even in problem-solving situations, it's important to balance having even the tiniest bit of structure in order to have confidence in what you're doing, while also leaving enough openings in the work to let it "be" or let it "grow". It's often helpful to me in those cases to lay down… Continue reading Make Spaces where You can GROW

Look at Art History – the Creative Act

Art and design doesn't come from a vacuum; everything YOU do today follows threads that come before. If you're looking for fresh inspiration and not finding it, try looking behind you. Still confused about what you're doing here? Read this... your turn to DRAW Even the smallest towns often have at least one art or… Continue reading Look at Art History – the Creative Act

stART where you’re standing

Why wait for the "perfect" conditions to land, or the just-right feeling to move you; where you are is the perfect place to begin. Still confused about what you're doing here? Read this... Your turn to DRAW! Wherever you're at right this very minute, grab a biro and your receipt or a napkin or a… Continue reading stART where you’re standing

Sometimes you just Gotta Wing It

Improvisation and making it up as you go along is sometimes the only way forward without giving a second thought about having the right moment, the right materials, the right experience, or the right knowledge; this also could be about doing something today that lifts your spirit! Do that thing that makes you fly, even… Continue reading Sometimes you just Gotta Wing It