Sometimes you just Gotta Wing It

Improvisation and making it up as you go along is sometimes the only way forward without giving a second thought about having the right moment, the right materials, the right experience, or the right knowledge; this also could be about doing something today that lifts your spirit! Do that thing that makes you fly, even if it’s only on the inside!

Still confused about what you’re doing here? Read this…

your TURN to DRAW!

  • Draw things with wings or things that soar (birds, butterflies, airplanes, drones) or maybe even, lose yourself in a cloud study – the home of creatures with the urge to fly!
  • Wing it with non-paintbrush things as paintbrushes – toothpicks, leaves, feathers, a scrap of paper, your fingers…

    Leaves, bubble wrap, flowers, a straw, a palette knife, a cork, and a Percy Pig candy are just a few of the things that can be used to paint with for lack of a paintbrush.

Maybe this Ransom Note gives you a different idea? Let me know!

ShaRe the LovE

You’ve come this far, now why not

<<<<< click to share your creativity – @beware.of.artists

Not only does your creativity need YOU, but here’s a surprise, the world needs your creativity, too! By sharing your response to a Ransom Note, we are building a community who will enjoy, be inspired by, and learn from each other. Who knows, maybe some of us will “find our tribe” or even make the world that tiny bit more pleasant to be in than it was 15 minutes ago!

Some other WAYS to WING IT….

  • American artist Kelsey Montague is known for her glorious wing murals that people love to pose with all over the world.

  • A more well-known Banksy work is the “Peace Dove” wearing a flak-jacket, stenciled on a building opposite the Separation Wall in Bethlehem.

  • Artist and costumier Alexis Noriega designs and hand-makes breathtaking articulated mechanical/motorised wings for stage, screen, and cosplay fans.


What other artists or techniques can you think of? Let me know!


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