Make DO with what you Have

Missing a key ingredient? Well, unless you’re trying to bake a cake without flour in the pantry, you’ll just have to find another way to make do with what you have to hand! And you might unlock a totally new way of thinking and doing!

Still confused about what you’re doing here? Read this…

Your turn to DRAW!

  • Make a few collage tonal studies using any old magazine or newspaper you have around. You’ll need glue and a magazine, maybe a piece of paper to stick things to. For extra challenge, don’t use scissors but instead tear the pieces. The basic process is to consider the shapes of the varying tones you see (start with just three: light, middle, and darkest) and carefully cut/tear corresponding shapes from your paper, gluing them on the page like a puzzle, something like this:

    Ingredients: newspaper, tracing paper, brown packing paper, a scrap of gift wrapping, a Sharpie marker, and glue.
  • Don’t throw away misshapen scraps of paper that still have potential; instead, see if you can work the problems into the composition, like this sketch of a local church, in which the torn off piece at the top becomes part of the ceiling.

Maybe this Ransom Note gives you a different idea? Let me know!

ShaRe the LovE

You’ve come this far, now why not

<<<<< click to share your creativity – @beware.of.artists

Not only does your creativity need YOU, but here’s a surprise, the world needs your creativity, too! By sharing your response to a Ransom Note, we are building a community who will enjoy, be inspired by, and learn from each other. Who knows, maybe some of us will “find our tribe” or even make the world that tiny bit more pleasant to be in than it was 15 minutes ago!

Some ways to MAKE DO with what you HAVE

  • Mosab Abu Toha an author and English teacher in Gaza, founded a public library and bookshop in Gaza with a handful of books he extricated from the rubble of his university that was bombed out in 2014.

    Schoolgirls having a read by the beach, courtesy Edward Said Public Library in Gaza. Image:
  • Alexandra Keyahoglu  Argentinian artist who makes yarn/textile works from leftover scraps, is “primarily interested in production processes bringing together art and craft, and develops functional works as complete works of art, in which knowledge of the materials, the technique, and spectator are inseparably intertwined.”


What other artists or techniques can you think of? Let me know!

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