Start right NOW

I’ll give you til the count of 3 to ask yourself why you’re not already exercising your creative spirit.




What are you waiting for?

Still wondering what you’re doing here? Read this…

youR TuRn to DraW!

  • Find something to write with and a scrap of paper.
  • What creative moments have you not found the time for for one reason or another? Though you don’t need it, I’m giving you permission right now to give yourself the next 60 seconds to write (or sketch) in a few words (or a few simple sketches) the final vision of The Big Idea. (If there’s more than one, grab those too; the more the merrier!)
  • In the next 60 seconds, think of the first and smallest step you can do right now to begin just one of those Big Ideas.
  • Put your phone down and START RIGHT NOW.

Maybe this Ransom Note gives you a different idea? Let me know!

ShaRe the LovE

You’ve come this far, now why not

<<<<< click to share your creativity – @beware.of.artists

Not only does your creativity need YOU, but here’s a surprise, the world needs your creativity, too! By sharing your response to a Ransom Note, we are building a community who will enjoy, be inspired by, and learn from each other. Who knows, maybe some of us will “find our tribe” or even make the world that tiny bit more pleasant to be in than it was 15 minutes ago!

sOme otHer aRtistS who StarT riGht Now….

  • Monster Chetwynd is a British artist “known for reworkings of iconic moments from cultural history in improvised performances.”

    Monster Chetwynd, 2018-2019 Tate Britain Commission. Image:
  • Tania Bruguera is a Cuban artist who, in early works, focused on her own body, then in later works, incorporates audience interaction in her performance pieces.

    Tania Bruguera, ‘Talking to Power’, 2017, Venice Biennale. Image:
  • Cathy Van Eck a Belgian-Dutch artist whose “…artistic work includes performances with live-electronics and installations with sound objects which she often designs herself. She is interested in setting her gestures into unusual and surprising relationships with sounds, mainly by electronic means.”

    Cathy van Eck. Image:

What other artists or techniques can you think of? Let me know!

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