Think even Bigger

Sometimes you’re thinking too safe, too small. Take a risk, why don’t you? Why create one version of an idea when you can make a dozen? Two dozen? Why limit yourself to one small piece of creativity a day, surely 20 minutes is enough time to make two.

Still confused about what you’re doing here? Read this…

youR TuRn to DraW!

  • Experiment with format: do you normally work small? Try again but this time GO BIG. No, bigger. I SAID  E  N  O  R  M  O  U  S. That’s it.
    Love Notes to Self, Day 137/365 (after Chuck Close), approx 1.5m x 1.8m

    Or if you’re usually writ large, go teeny-tiny. Get a magnifying glass, we’re talking thumbnail size. In other words, think of how you do the thing you usually do, and do it in some extravagantly opposite way.

    Dollhouse miniatures, each around 2 inches big
  • Whatever you’re looking at, set a timer. How many versions of a drawing can you make in a half hour? Ten minutes? Give that a try.

Maybe this Ransom Note gives you a different idea? Let me know!

ShaRe tHe LoVe

You’ve come this far, now why not

<<<<< click to share your creativity – @beware.of.artists

Not only does your creativity need YOU, but here’s a surprise, the world needs your creativity, too! By sharing your response to a Ransom Note, we are building a community who will enjoy, be inspired by, and learn from each other. Who knows, maybe some of us will “find our tribe” or even make the world that tiny bit more pleasant to be in than it was 15 minutes ago!

SoMe other arTists wHo Think Big

  • Yayoi Kusama Japanese artist whose artworks take up whole-room installations surrounding viewers who walk into them

    Yayoi Kusama (Image:
  • Olafur Eliasson can fill an entire building (Weather Project 2003) with his ideas or challenge climate change unbelievers with a city-sized installation (Ice Watch 2018)
    Olafur Eliasson, “Weather Project”, Tate Modern, 2003 (image:

    Olafur Eliasson, “Ice Watch” at Tate Modern, 2018 (image:
  • Chuck Close paints ginormous portraits with presence that takes up an entire space

    Chuck Close, ‘Big Self Portrait’, 1967-68 (image:
  • Claes Oldenburg American Pop artist that makes comically large public art, usually replicas of ordinary household items like plugs, spoons, or cake.

    Claes Oldenburg (Image:

What other artists or techniques can you think of? Let me know!

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